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I have an idea for a new? type of RSS reader.

Google is killing Google Reader and I have an idea for a new Reader. Hear me out.

1. Instead a centralized service relying on some big entity like Google that might kill it or have hiccups due to heavy usage, have your own server do it for you. So now your server is aggregating your feeds through a CRON set every I don’t know, 5 or 10 minutes.

2. But your feeds are private and you are the one who manages them and checks them as read or unread so now you need a secure login. But if you have a WordPress blog/website, then you already have a secure login to your server (through your wordpress administration panel login), which drives me to:

3. The RSS reader I’m thinking is a WordPress plugin that is your own reader and only you can access it through your WordPress admin UI. You can also share and post some feed links to directly to your wordpress blog, or even your twitter, facebook, etc. And because you’re logging more into your WordPress, it can drive you to post more blog posts which is good.

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I’ve made a video game: Pizza Snake

I have made Pizza Snake, a video game inspired by a DOS era classic game called Pizza Worm, made by Sami “Zorlim” Lehtinen.

The gameplay is very simple but also very fun, challenging and addictive: tap where you want to go and eat as many pizzas you can without falling off the table or biting yourself.

The game is available for Android phones and there are two versions, Pizza  Snake FREE and Pizza Snake.

  • Pizza Snake FREE is the free game and has 4 levels to play.
  • Pizza Snake is the full version and has 9 levels and optional HD (high definition) graphics that look better on more powerful devices.

If you have a Google Chrome browser, you can also play Pizza Snake for Chrome.

More info at

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background music while learning

I can’t listen to podcasts or new music while learning new stuff. I get too easily distracted.

On the other hand, music that I’ve listened to many times and I know it from beginning to end helps me concentrate. Go figure.

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Worst 5 live shows of all time

5 – ?

4 – ?

3 – ?

2 – Vincent Gallo, October 2005, TimFest Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

1 – Lirinha, July 2012, Festival de Músicas do Mundo, Sines, Portugal


Vincent Gallo‘s show was just a huge troll. He knows he sucks and his band is shit, but he doesn’t care because as long as he looks cool and as if he knew what he was doing, his fans are too dumb to realize they’re paying to get trolled. And he was making fun of the people attending to his show, and the audience didn’t even realize that because this being in Brasil, most of them couldn’t understand what he was saying.
Brilliant Troll, 5 stars.

Now this Lirinha guy. He is the worst guy to pose as musician ever. He is the embodiment of the worst things that happened to life on earth since the apes started using bones to break other bones to the score of Thus Spake Zarathustra. Worse than cancer or leprosy. The only remarkable thing he made in his life was to find band members that are as bad as him.
He is not a musician. He is not a poet. He is an idiot that managed to fool stupid people by accident.
And he doesn’t realize how bad he is, because his ego and pretentiousness levels are off the charts.
Worst band performing on a stage ever.

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I have a Love-Hate relationship with Google, but a Hate-only relationship with Facebook

And the “Your facebook sucks because your friends suck” argument is stupid because I have awesome friends and facebook still sucks.

I swear facebook has an algorithm tuned specifically for making my friends look less interesting than I know they are.


Fuck facebook.

P.S. Operation Developer Hate is working just fine, no need to fix that.


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Adding a Linkblog to

Instead of posting the random links I read on the web only on facebook, I’ve decided it’s better to post them on my blog, but because I’m only sometimes giving an opinion about them, they’re not very good blog posts.

The place for those posts is the linkblog, on the right side of this blog. The title is either the article’s original title or my short opinion about it.

The more I move things to, the happier I feel about the way things work, and the more I mess with wordpress, the more I want to do things my way.

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How I learned Teleportation

It all begun when I entered university in 2002. At the time, it took me 9 or 10 hours by a mix of train, bus and sometimes a boat to get from my parents home to Coimbra, where I was studying.

In the beginning I traveled home every two weekends, and because it was so boring and tiring I had to figure out a way to do the travel faster.

And then I discovered teleportation. But I couldn’t teleport every time I traveled. In the beginning it was difficult because people around me would talk loud and make noises. But because I practiced a lot, traveling every 4-8 weeks for 6 years, I became better at it and now I can teleport every time I travel, even on bumpy roads.


Its amazing, I don’t need pills, earplugs or iPods. I just teleport and when I wake up, hopefully I haven’t missed my stop.

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Audi buys Ducati for $1.1B, Facebook buys Instagram for $1B.

9 April 2012 - Facebook bought Instagram for $1,000,000,000
18 April 2012 - Audi bought Ducati for $1,100,000,000

I will try to put things in perspective here:

Instagram is a social network built around a free photo filter mobile app made by a team of 13 people. In the beginning of 2012, the team was 7 people, they had 15 million users and the app was iPhone only. They have recently released an Android app.

Ducati is a historical motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1926, with excellent design that competes in the MotoGP and Superbike championships among others, as of 2011 they had 1,135 employees and a net income of 93 million Euros.

To make a comparison I’m trying to overvalue the Instagram brand, its user base and relation to facebook and twitter and their social graph, while I try to undervalue the importance of 2 wheeled vehicles nowadays, picture the MotoGP and Superbike simply as advertisement and discard the brands know-how, expertise and name, and I still can’t believe how it is possible that they can be valued so closely.

They aren’t worth the same.

They can’t be, not even close.


I don’t know much about the dot com bubble because I was a teenager at the time but this feels wrong and smells bad.

I hope it doesn’t end badly too.

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I wish there was a universal authentication system

Preferably on the browser so you could tell websites who you are if you wanted.

Instead of logging in on facebook, gmail, youtube, tumblr etc. you would just log into your browser and if you wanted, let the websites know who you are.


Chrome and firefox are working on something like that, but what I’d want are not different solutions, but a universal one, where I could log in on Chrome, Firefox, IE or a mobile or any other device with my credentials and it would know who I am and log me into websites I let it.


The problem is: who would be the authority for this? I can think of 2 solutions:

  • A monolithic solution that is the authority that says who you are.
  • Shared solution that can be installable on servers or trusted to a 3rd party if you don’t want/don’t own server space.


The first solution would be sometghing like the domains and DNS are governed, if I understand how things work. You would login with your username and password to the browser and it would negotiate with this monolithic authority that would confirm to the websites that you are in fact you and not posing as someone else.

The second one would be something you could install on your server or elsewhere, so when you login with your browser, you also give the name of the authentication provider,  something like openID but that only gives your user id to the website if you are authenticated and allow it to know who you are, and without all the name, email and other info.


Is this a too big of an effort to be achieved?

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You can now change the icon buttons in Gmail to show text

Finally, the option has arrived. Even after months of using the new Gmail, I still found myself hovering over the icons just to make sure I was about to press the right button.


To change it, go to Settings, and under the general tab change the Button labels option to text.


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Font anti-aliasing technique in Chrome changes after 48px size

Google Chrome does render fonts with subpixel anti-aliasing but the text looks more jaggy than in other browsers, because it only supports horizontal anti-aliasing.
The jaggies are specially visible on the top and bottom of the curved letters, like S, O and C, while looking fine on the sides of these letters.

Look at the screenshots of some letters with the Georgia font at 48px:

Chrome Georgia 48px ver18.0.1025.100 beta-m

Google Chrome 18.0.1025.100 beta-m - Georgia at 48px

Can you notice the jaggies on the top of the letters in Chrome?

But after a certain font size, Chrome does some other method to render fonts. In Georgia font, that size is 49px:

Chrome Georgia 49px ver18.0.1025.100 beta-m

Google Chrome 18.0.1025.100 beta-m - Georgia at 49px

The letters are no longer jagged!

If we take a closer look, we can see that while it does look better, it’s not using sub-pixel rendering, but monochromatic anti-aliasing for both the vertical and horizontal directions.

Here’s a closer look at the fonts rendered above, amplified at 500%:

Chrome Georgia 48px ver18.0.1025.100 beta-m.png at 500 percent zoom

Chrome - Georgia 48px @ 500% zoom

Chrome Georgia 49px ver18.0.1025.100 beta-m.png at 500 percent zoom

Chrome - Georgia 49px @ 500% zoom


Conclusion: for now if you’re using a big font-size for headers or page titles, consider font-size: 49px to get the smooth edges on Chrome, at least until they use subpixel for horizontal + monochrome for vertical anti-aliasing like the other browsers.


More information about font rendering:


For browser comparison, here’s how the same text is rendered in Chrome 18 beta, Firefox 11.0 and Internet Explorer 9:

Chrome Georgia 48px ver18.0.1025.100 beta-m

Chrome 18.0.1025.100 beta-m - Georgia at 48px

Chrome Georgia 49px ver18.0.1025.100 beta-m

Chrome 18.0.1025.100 beta-m - Georgia at 49px

Firefox Georgia 48px ver11.0

Firefox 11.0 - Georgia at 48px

Internet Explorer 9 - Georgia at 48px

ant the close-ups:

Chrome - Georgia 48px @ 500% zoom

Chrome - Georgia 49px @ 500% zoom

Firefox 11.0- Georgia 48px @ 500% zoom

Internet Explorer 9 - Georgia 48px @ 500% zoom


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Quick response to pandodaily’s The Clipboard Data Privacy Scandal post.

Trevor Gilbert clearly does not understand the real issue of this privacy breach, but what made me write this post was this thing he says:

That’s what the Internet is based upon. Trust. Trust in larger technology companies, in the developers, and in each other. Sure, that trust can be breached now and again with less-than-honest developers and profit-obsessed companies. In the view of the larger picture, though, think of all of the services that you use that actually don’t do anything wrong with your data. Yes, they do things without asking your permission. In the end though, they do it to simplify your life.

- Trevor Gilbert, Verified: The Clipboard Data Privacy Scandal


If the internet history has taught us anything, by the way made even more evident with this address book privacy issue, is NOT to trust larger tech companies, developers or anyone else.

When our information is being used without our knowledge or permission, how can there be trust?

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Middle click on links: another google+ annoyance

Since the dawn of tabbed browsing, middle click opens links on a new tab, usually a background tab so you can click a few of them quickly without going back and forth.

If you middle-click a link preview, the little image near the link someone posted, it opens in a background tab like it should, but it also starts the pan mode that usually happens if you middle-click the page background.

This is annoying because its against the standard way that links work and the way we’re used to clicking on links.

Bottom line: if you’re linking to some webpage, showing a preview and making the mouse turn into a hand over the preview, please make it behave like a normal link.

(Behind the scenes, what’s happening is that the image isn’t inside an <a> anchor tag, but the link is triggered through a javascript event.
But the link above it, the title of the page is a normal link so it works perfectly.)

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