Ino Detelić

Worst 5 live shows of all time

5 – ?

4 – ?

3 – ?

2 – Vincent Gallo, October 2005, TimFest Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

1 – Lirinha, July 2012, Festival de Músicas do Mundo, Sines, Portugal


Vincent Gallo‘s show was just a huge troll. He knows he sucks and his band is shit, but he doesn’t care because as long as he looks cool and as if he knew what he was doing, his fans are too dumb to realize they’re paying to get trolled. And he was making fun of the people attending to his show, and the audience didn’t even realize that because this being in Brasil, most of them couldn’t understand what he was saying.
Brilliant Troll, 5 stars.

Now this Lirinha guy. He is the worst guy to pose as musician ever. He is the embodiment of the worst things that happened to life on earth since the apes started using bones to break other bones to the score of Thus Spake Zarathustra. Worse than cancer or leprosy. The only remarkable thing he made in his life was to find band members that are as bad as him.
He is not a musician. He is not a poet. He is an idiot that managed to fool stupid people by accident.
And he doesn’t realize how bad he is, because his ego and pretentiousness levels are off the charts.
Worst band performing on a stage ever.

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I have a Love-Hate relationship with Google, but a Hate-only relationship with Facebook

And the “Your facebook sucks because your friends suck” argument is stupid because I have awesome friends and facebook still sucks.

I swear facebook has an algorithm tuned specifically for making my friends look less interesting than I know they are.


Fuck facebook.

P.S. Operation Developer Hate is working just fine, no need to fix that.


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