Ino Detelić

Facebook’s dumb messaging system: other messages

There’s a chance you have missed personal messages on facebook like I did several times.

Check the “Other” on the menu on the left side, after you click on “Messages”. I hope you didn’t miss anything important.

If you did, you have the right to be angry. Facebook doesn’t notify you of every message you get.
What they do is chose what messages they think are important enough to notify you, and send the rest silently to this “Other” message box. It’s misleading. Even though I know about this, I always forget to check them.


Facebook help documents read:

“Your Other folder contains messages sent to mailing lists and broad distribution groups, along with messages from people who aren’t friends or friends of friends.”

I’m OK with separating spam messages but I want to be notified of all personal messages. Or at least give me an option to chose what goes where.

Posted on January 19th, 2012 under random