Ino Detelić

I’m afraid of getting near the new google logo.

One of the untold rules on the web is that if you click the logo, it takes it to the home page. This is inprinted in my brain.

I’ve had the newest google redesign, with the menu on google logo hover for over a month now, and I still haven’t adapted to it.

I’m at the phase where my cursor avoids it like the plague and when I remember to actually use it, I get a strange feeling like some Pavlovian reaction knowing I’ll get beaten if I get near it.


Four days ago, I changed my personal browsing to Firefox after a couple years on Chrome just because of the font rendering.

You see, I love fonts and beautiful letters matter to me, and Chrome only does horizontal sub-pixel antialiasing while Firefox does that plus vertical antialiasing, resulting in smoother font edges, specially noticeable on the top and the bottom of curved letters like O and S where they appear jagged on Chrome and smooth on Firefox.
I’ve also noticed that on Firefox the kerning, the space between the letters, is less accurate but I’ll leave this for another post.


Back to the google redesign – Now that i’m on Firefox, the google apps gmail, google+, calendar and others are shown with the second newest design, with the black bar on top. While I’m not a big fan of it either, I feel so much better without the fear of putting my mouse near the dreaded logo because it doesn’t have the rage inducing and Pavlovian dog beating hover menu.

The new google apps have a refresh button that I’ve been using more, specially on reader, because of the fear of the logo. And now that I have the choice between the logo and the refresh button, I press the logo with a strong sense of revolt and pleasure, like a dog when he’s destroying a pillow he shouldn’t. He knows he’ll get beaten but the pleasure is much greater so he defies the rules and does what his instinct tells him.

Posted on January 6th, 2012 under random