Ino Detelić

Press Freedom Index 2011/2012

Portugal came out in 33rd, up 7 positions since 2010. When you have freedom of speech and press but all the media that can reach to the public is controlled by corporations with political ties, you can feel something smells bad. It’s selective choice. You can switch channels or newspapers but the emphasis stays the same.

Example from TV: The corrupt politicians are allowing the monopolized energy market to rip us even more and we’re telling you that in a 15 second segment, but first here’s a story about a famous football player whose son needs a bone marrow transplant. Don’t worry, we’ll be repeating the story for two weeks and giving it a third of the entire news airtime so you can feel bad about not donating.

Press Freedom Index 2011/2012 – selected countries:

1 – Finland / Norway
28 – United Kingdom
33 – Portugal
39 – Spain
47 – United States of America
61 – Italy
68 – Croatia
70 – Greece
99 – Brazil
142 – Russia
178 – North Korea
179 – Eritrea (last position)

Full list –,1043.html

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