Ino Detelić

Quick response to pandodaily’s The Clipboard Data Privacy Scandal post.

Trevor Gilbert clearly does not understand the real issue of this privacy breach, but what made me write this post was this thing he says:

That’s what the Internet is based upon. Trust. Trust in larger technology companies, in the developers, and in each other. Sure, that trust can be breached now and again with less-than-honest developers and profit-obsessed companies. In the view of the larger picture, though, think of all of the services that you use that actually don’t do anything wrong with your data. Yes, they do things without asking your permission. In the end though, they do it to simplify your life.

– Trevor Gilbert, Verified: The Clipboard Data Privacy Scandal


If the internet history has taught us anything, by the way made even more evident with this address book privacy issue, is NOT to trust larger tech companies, developers or anyone else.

When our information is being used without our knowledge or permission, how can there be trust?

Posted on March 2nd, 2012 under random